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Kettlebell Training

man working out with a kettlebellKettlebell training is incredibly effective when incorporated into our personal training plans. It is very important your form is good when kettlebell training to avoid injuring yourself.

Training with Kettlebells will help tone and sculpt your whole body; it’s incredibly good for strengthening your core, so often overlooked but vital for great posture and are used by many top athletes as part of their training programme.

woman kettlebell workout Also, being our client you’ll benefit from the cardio and fat burning benefits, so like us you’ll improve your power and endurance. Using functional movements your kettlebell session can help you shift the fat you’ve always wanted to get rid of and then maintain your great shape.

At Ultimate Fitness London we cater for people of all ages and abilities from complete beginners to experienced keep fit enthusiasts and gym users; focussed like you on improving or maintaining their feelings of well-being. We’ll guide and encourage you; working with you to ensure you achieve your goals.