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Personal Trainers & Training in Chelsea

Hi it’s Leon here, I am a qualified personal trainer. Ultimate Fitness London is run by me and my fiancee Aimee; we are based in Fulham near Chelsea and have lived and trained in this area of South West London for many years.

Personal Training at Gyms in Chelsea

We know and  train at many of the gyms and fitness training facilities in and around Chelsea so if you would like to start having personal training sessions at a gym do let us know. Aimee and I have extensive knowledge of how to use the machines and free weights and the correct way of performing exercises that will prevent injury and make sure you achieve your goals. We use gyms in the Chelsea area regularly for our own training and have done so for many years.

Personal Training at Home in Chelsea

Several of our clients prefer the convenience of training at home. Having sufficient space is important; bear in mind you really don’t need to have weight stacks or the fitness equipment found in gyms to get the benefits of fitness training. We bring equipment to you and have developed super efficient training programmes that are brilliant for cardio and resistance training (weight training).

Fitness Training Outdoors in Chelsea

Chelsea has some beautiful parks and areas for you to train outdoors; it’s very popular and we have a back up plan in the event of bad weather although training in the rain is very refreshing; I know I have done it myself and have trained groups of people in the rain. Ok, this may not be for you but as I said we are able to train indoors if it’s raining or freezing cold. We both enjoy training outdoors as well as in the gym.

Group Personal Training in Chelsea

Both of us offer group training sessions in and near Chelsea. For small training groups you will have one trainer but for larger groups both of us will be there to ensure we are able to be of most benefit to each person in the group. The levels of ability and fitness often varies from person to person so we both think it’s really important for us both to train larger group sessions.

There’s a social and competetive side to group training; social becuase friends will often decide to train together and enjoy a coffee (no cakes) afterwards. It’s competetive because people notice how well others are doing and also how they improve. It’s really important to maintain a good way of eating that’s right for you. Group training means you have support from your friends and share in your improved feelings of well being and as time goes by body shape and fitness ability.

Why Choose Ultimate Fitness London for your Personal Training in Chelsea?

  • We live in Fulham very near Chelsea
  • Our extensive experience will ensure you achieve your goals
  • You’ll find us both very understanding
  • We know the Chelsea area very well
  • You’ll be working with Qualified Trainers
  • We’re fun loving and  bring that fun to our personal & group training sessions
  • We work with people of all ages currently 16 to 87, yes you read it right 87.
  • Do you have an injury? We work with clients to rehabiltate them from injury
  • Specialist advice for personal eating plans
  • We’re both highly motivated for each of our clients needs and goals

Have a question or want to arrange a Free Consultation?

We’d love to here from you with any questions of what we’ll be able to do for you, any concerns you may have about personal training or to arrange your free initial consultation. If email is your thing write to:

leon(@)ultimate-fitness-london.co.uk or


(ignore the brackets around the @ sign they’re to stop spammers – hopefully)

It’s good to talk:
Leon: 07545594942
Aimee: 07572460754