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What is the best type of Cardio? HIIT vs LISS


Summer is finally here! Many of you maybe looking to start a new cardio workout to help burn away those extra pounds we put on over winter. I Bet your regretting that box of krispy kremes now right? Yes, I am too.

But what cardio type is best to perform when trying to maximize fat loss? HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)  or LISS (low intensity steady state exercise).

Here is some information to check out and decide for yourself which you think might be best for you:


HITT- High-Intensity Interval Training is a combination of a fast outburst of energy (sprint) followed immediately by a slower or even rest period (jog).

The aim of the short out burst is to get your heart rate up to 80-95% becoming an anaerobic workout (yes this hurts and no its not pretty). After the fast outburst, look to bring your heart rate down to 40- 50% in the recovery period.

So what does the interval do in terms of burning fat? Whilst sprinting your body is gasping for air and lactic acid is starting to build up. This is the result of the body not being able to get enough oxygen quick enough so it uses glucose and glycogen for energy, thus burning away sugar induced fat around the belly.

One of the things I love about HITT session is that due to the intensity and energy used they don’t have to be any longer then 20 minutes! Yes that’s right only 20 minutes of cardio.

More HIIT inf0:

HITT uses Carbohydrates as the main source of energy as well as fat.

HITT also gets you burning calories at home after your workout due to stimulation of your metabolism. This is due to post-exercise period called ‘EPOC’ – Excess Post Exercise Oxygen consumption. This is the period after an exercise when your metabolism is still raised, allowing your body to continue to burn calories whilst in a resting state, even more so than usual.

You certainly get your moneys worth there. Now lets look at the second type of cardio:


LISS- Low-intensity steady state the name says it all. Generally LISS workout will be anything from 35-60+ minutes due to the fact the workout is less strenuous. Over this time your target heart rate should be around 45-60% of your max heart rate.

LISS is a good fat loss method due to the fact that when exercising at low and moderate intensity, the primary source of energy is fat – fat burning as well as oxygen and glucose.


Both forms of Cardio are great for fat loss but it all depends on what works for you. Other things such as how much time you have to workout and your fitness levels also may play a factor when choosing how to make your fat cry.

Please note, anyone with any illnesses or heart conditions/ high blood pressure should check with a doctor first.

Hopefully this has given a little more information for some of you.

Now go forth and run like the wind.

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